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Jul. 30th, 2006 @ 04:58 am Neisenma: Roleplay in need of... Fruits Basket!

Welcome to the city Neisenma, a multi-fandom based roleplay that's been brewing for only a short period.

It takes place in Neisenma, a fictional metropolis that is surrounded by five separate districts - Home, Midgar, Dierentiun, Jade and Rukongai. Members familiar with certain fandoms will find themselves attracted to certain characters and certain areas, depending.

It's year 20xx, and people have been arriving in Neisenma just as frequent as ever. Without a reason for their being, individuals simply accept the fact they have arrived, and gradually come to believe they've lived there their entire lives. Old acquaintances may be found, new may be made, and drama is sure to spark.

One thing is for certain: Don't trust the unknown. It will come to haunt you.

At the moment, we'd like to have some Fruits Basket participants - we have known whatsoever to speak of! We're free to any sort of relationships - yaoi seems to be an ultimate favorite between the fans however, though heterosexual relationships and the like are definitely allowed!. So if there's anyone who may take a particular interest, please, feel free to ask and definitely join us today!

Find it at: neisenma
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